Are your under-performing yields the result of high soil pH? If you’ve noticed white or grey residue around standing water (alkaline water), chances are your soil pH level is higher than normal.

At Ward Chemical, we produce Soil-Cal, an alkaline soil neutralization product that immediately lowers soil pH levels through a chemical ion exchange. Our easy to use liquid calcium choride (CaCl2) solution can be applied quickly and effectively to create a more conducive environment for plants to flourish in a lower soil ph environment.

Soil Neutralization

Soil-Cal – Neutralize Alkaline Water / Alkaline Soil & Strengthen Plants


In addition to soil neutralization and lowering soil ph, Soil-Cal is an organic fertilizer that also provides increased calcium for plants. Studies have shown that increased calcium strengthens plant stems and decreases susceptibility to several plant diseases as a result of a lower ph soil environment.

Increase Productivity In Canada With Organic Soil Additives & Fertilizers


Our special organic calcium chloride (CaCl2) blend is specifically designed for the agricultural industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. This acid neutralizer for alkaline water / alkaline soil can be applied in a standard fertilizer sprayer or as an airplane spray. Our recommended application rate will vary according to your specific soil neutralization needs and your soil pH.

For more information about CaCl2 for soil neutralization, contact us at Ward Chemical. Soil-Cal can effectively balance / lower your soil pH levels and help you get the best yields from your crops.