Liquid calcium chloride continues to gain momentum as a key ingredient on the list of road construction supplies in Western Canada. In addition to highway/roadway dust control, a salt brine for roads offers many benefits:

  • CaCl2 binds to clay particles through a chemical reaction, thereby enhancing base stabilization during the highway construction process.
  • Calcium chloride also possesses hardening properties, which reduces soft spots and contributes to more stable highways and roads.
  • Road bases treated with calcium chloride inhibit freezing and result in fewer frost heaves through the freeze-thaw cycle of Canadian winters.

Road Construction

  • CaCl2 also helps to control aggregate loss.

  • Calcium chloride is also a cement accelerator perfectly suited to cold weather and tight timelines. Concrete supplies must include this versatile salt brine.

Highway road construction that includes a salt brine means more stable roadways. This leads to reduced maintenance, reconstruction and repair costs.


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A simple short-term investment in calcium chloride for Western Canadian road construction products can reap significant long-term benefits and cost savings. Ward Chemical has been working with Western Canadian highway road builder construction companies in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba for over 20 years.


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