For pipeline inspection hydrotest, pipeline cleaning and pipeline inspection, calcium chloride from Ward Chemical offers benefits that are unrivalled by other substances, including water:

  • Pipeline inspection testing with calcium chloride (W1.32) is safe for both plastic and metal pipeline products
  • Unlike water, liquid calcium chloride resists freezing until -56ºC, thus a pipeline inspection or cleaning can be performed even in the frigid winters of Alberta or throughout western Canada

Pipeline Inspection Hydrotest

  • Our premium calcium chloride remains liquid for the entire duration of the pipeline inspection hydrotest.

  • Easily transported and cost effective, liquid calcium chloride can be delivered to your pipeline inspection site.

  • Avoid pipeline corrosion by using Inhibited W1.32; our liquid calcium chloride is actually proven to be less corrosive than rainwater.


Pipeline Inspection – Safe And Efficient With Calcium Chloride From Ward


Ward Chemical supplies liquid calcium chloride (W1.32) for reliable pipeline inspection hydrotesting to companies across western Canada and the northern U.S. If you haven’t discovered the benefits of calcium chloride for pipeline inspection cleaning and hydrotesting, let Ward Chemical introduce them to you.