Calcium chloride is used extensively as drilling fluid and heavy oil drilling fluids when servicing oilfield wells and pipelines in Alberta and throughout western Canada. The innate properties of calcium chloride make it optimal for snubbing because it’s safe, economical, reusable and enhances the likelihood of maintaining well production after servicing.

Oil Drilling Fluids

Ward Chemical – High Density Calcium Chloride For Optimum Performance


At Ward Chemical, we know that specific densities of calcium chloride ensure safe snubbing. That’s why we produce oil drilling fluids of densities from 1320-1800 kg/m3. And if we don’t have a solution to meet your needs, we’ll produce it.

We recognize the importance of precision when servicing high pressure and high production wells. By customizing the density of calcium chloride to the specific pressure of specific wells, we help you reach your goal – to service wells quickly, safely and efficiently, without jeopardizing production rates using our drilling fluid Heavy brine.


Premium Oil Drilling Fluids And Pressure Snubber Supplies


When it comes to oil well drilling fluids, drilling mud additives, workover fluids and pressure snubber supplies, trust the experts at Ward Chemical. We’ve been in the business since 1985, successfully serving the oilfield in Alberta, Saskatchewn, B.C. and Manitoba.

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