Ward Chemical and liquid calcium chloride play a key role in helping winter crews throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba meet the demand for dry, safe pavement.

CaCl2 is a natural salt brine that is exothermic and hygroscopic. This ability to release heat in a chemical reaction and attract moisture creates an effective anti-freeze that helps speed up the de-icing process.

Calcium Chloride – More Than Simply Road Salt

Liquid Ice Control

Calcium chloride provides effective liquid ice control when applied either before or after a snow or ice storm. When used prior, calcium chloride inhibits the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement, making it easier for snowplows to clear roads down to the bare pavement. Application of this road salt on ice after a storm is essential for winter maintenance, as it melts ice fast and efficiently.


In addition to liquid ice control, calcium chloride is also used to freeze-proof sand that is spread on icy roads. With a low freezing point, this natural anti-freeze can ensure piles of sand are free flowing all winter.


Ward Chemical For Wholesale Liquid Ice Control Products


Ward Chemical is the source for liquid calcium chloride for ice control purposes in western Canada. We also produce CaCl2 pellets for sprinkling on icy surfaces. Contact us today for more information.