The highest purity grades of calcium chloride (CaCl2) have valuable applications as a food additive and food processing agent. From salt processing to fruit spray, liquid calcium chloride has become a key ingredient in food processing.

  • Calcium chloride provides a salty taste to foods without increasing the sodium content (i.e. salt processing of pickles)
  • Calcium chloride increases the firmness and shelf life of sprayed fruit and vegetables

Food Processing

  • Calcium chloride improves the quality and nutritional value when freezing fruit and vegetables (actually increases the content of calcium in fruit)
  • Calcium chloride neutralizes sodium alkalinity in water used to make soft drinks and beer
  • Calcium chloride is used as a refrigerant in ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing
  • Calcium chloride serves as a meat tenderizer
  • A calcium chloride dip has even been proven to inhibit acrylamide formation in potato chips and fries


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In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the calcium ion is more desirable than the sodium ion in human nutrition. For this reason, calcium chloride is also gaining popularity as a replacement for sodium chloride in the food processing industry.

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